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Status: 30% Completed

Welcome to this eLearning training course on the subject of Business Analysis. The practice of Business Analysis and the capability that it offers to organisations is viewed as a strategic asset that drives a thorough understanding of the business environment and of business benefits.

As a result, it is seen as a vital resource that enables the successful implementation of valuable business change.

The course is based on “Business Analysis, 4th Edition” which we’ll refer to as “the guide” and you may wish to purchase a copy, but in terms of passing the Foundation Qualification, we will provide you with all the necessary information within the course.

This certification is provided by the British Computer Society or BCS and provides a foundation for the range of specialist BCS modular certificates in the areas of business analysis and business change.

During the remainder of this short session we’ll consider the syllabus coverage, the examination format and the target audience for the qualification.

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