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THIS SESSION ANSWERS THE QUESTION '' What is Business Analysis''?

Welcome to this session which answers the question, “What is business analysis?”.

It relates to chapter 1 of the guide.

Business analysis is a discipline that has evolved since the 1990s and has the potential to offer significant benefits to organisations because it ensures that the there is an alignment between the business needs and the business change solutions.

On many occasions, solutions have been implemented which may work perfectly well but do not meet the business needs.

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Business analysis:

• Ensures that the business needs are captured prior to designing a solution
• Bridges the gap between business knowledge and IT
• Provides an integrated view of the business and the computer systems and
• Provides beneficial advice to organisations regarding the appropriate business solutions to meet the business needs.

During this session we will consider the background and development of business analysis and the role and responsibilities of the business analyst.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

• Describe the business change lifecycle
• List the principles of business analysis, and
• Describe the variants of the business analysis role.

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