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THIS SESSION ANSWERS THE QUESTION '' What is Business Analysis''?
The development of business analysis (1).

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There are four areas that have influenced the development of business analysis which are:

• The impact of outsourcing
• Competitive advantage of using IT
• The business change lifecycle, and
• Business analysts as internal consultants.

Let’s start with a review of outsourcing and its impact.

diit s3 14.png

Outsourcing IT systems development and support to specialist providers is an attractive proposition to an organisation.

It reduces costs, puts the development and support of IT into the hands of specialists and leaves the organisation free to pursue its core business.

However, it created two problems, supplier management and communication between the two companies.

Supplier management is outside the scope of business analysis but communication between the two is a fundamental driver for the creation of the business analyst role.


As well as considering the impact of outsourcing there has been a growing recognition that in order to deliver competitive advantage of using IT, three factors must be considered which are:

• Business needs must drive IT systems development
• Implementation of IT systems must be done alongside necessary business changes and thirdly,
• The requirements for IT systems must be defined and understood.

These factors have contributed to the development of business analysis and the role of the business analyst.

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