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New to Confluence?
Would you like to be hands on?
Would you like to learn the basics of what you can do in Confluence as a Business Analyst, Product Owner, or Product Manager? 

join the practical session to be taught the basics and be given access to the Confluence tool for 4 weeks, 

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WHAT IS CONFLUENCE? Confluence is developed by Atlassian, and can be used for teams of any size/ type, from those with mission-critical, high-stakes projects that need rigor behind their practices, to those that are looking for a space to build team culture and engage with one another in a more open and authentic way.

Here are some key uses of Confluence:

1 Write product requirements

Writing requirements in an agile environment can be difficult – but it’s an important undertaking to ensure everyone is on the same page across your different teams. To achieve this, Atlassian recommends creating a collaborative product requirement to hash out the details for your large and complex epics.

2 Build a release planning page

Using Confluence, you can collect and organize all of your work and information for each release and communicate it to the rest of the business by building a release planning page.

This helps you identify your business objectives, stakeholders and roadmap; collect all the relevant information and background work; and direct your colleagues to additional info in Jira or other tools. 

3 Create customer interview pages

You can use Confluence to document and share customer interviews, helping you gather feedback in a standardized and streamlined manner. You just need to set up a page template for your interviews, which is much simpler than putting your customer interview data in a static document. 

4 Create sprint retrospective and demo pages

Confluence also comes with a Retrospective blueprint for your development teams. What’s more, using its page templates, you can standardize your demo pages for your Sprint demos. 

5 Make better development decisions

Your development teams have to make tough decisions every day. Confluence comes with a Decision blueprint to help your dev teams use the same repeatable process to make decisions across your team.

Plus, as they’re recorded, you can review your decisions to learn from what went well – preventing you from repeating the same mistakes in the future. 

What are you waiting for? Commence your Confluence experience, click here.

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