Level up your team’s Project & Management skills

Custom Training for Your Team

Every team and organization is different, so why should the training be exactly the same? Our discovery process allows us to provide a customized training curriculum to fit your needs. The traditional curriculum covers everything to build the next generation of Project Managers & Business Analyst while going in-depth enough for seasoned Tutors to improve the skills and expand your expertise. Whether you want a two-day or ten-day training, we work with you to deliver results.

Benefits of DIIT Training UK

Re-skill & Up-skill

We would help train and grow your valuable team to be equipped with relevant skills.  Instead of spending limited resources on hiring, interviewing, and onboarding new hires, we will help you optimize your current talent.

Have your team contributing more, as they become Project leaders through custom, dynamic, hands-on training programs.

Evaluate & Collaborate

No two organization is the same so, our discovery process allows us to provide a customized training curriculum to fit your needs.

Also, we bring together the senior-level team to align under a common language, strategy, and vision. Help facilitate communication between the engineering, design, and business teams.

People Management

With our people management training, we ensure the delegates learn and understands:

Change Management, ProcesWorkload Management, Motivate and inspire employees, to Coach and develop high performing teams, Resolve conflicts quickly, Resolve performance issues quickly and effectively, Delegate tasks with confidence.

What to expect

Dynamic group work, mentoring from top practitioners, and hands-on development training using practical case work valuable learning for any project team.

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We are everywhere

With our training taking place in any part of the world either Virtually, Online or Onsite, we are able to bring our expertise no matter where you are located.

Qualified Trainers

Our instructors are experienced technology leaders from renowned companies such as Linkedin, Netflix, HSBC, Ebay & Digital Infotech IT.


Ese Elakama

Lead Business Analyst &

Project Management Trainer.

Anna Cannes

Business Analyst Trainer.

Mark Hughes

Head Test Analyst Trainer.

Yohan Kowalski

Head Web Development Trainer.

We offer customized payment options. Schedule a call to learn more.

We are training employees from: