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Practical Documentation Creation for Business Analysts

As a potential new Business Analyst, have you been doing your own online studying but need practical examples to make you hands-on and gain the necessary experience?

Have you attended any Business Analysis training forums, or attended any refresher courses but still struggle to come to terms with some key areas of the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst as well as the various documentation you are expected to know how to create?

If the answer is yes, then we have the solution. DIIT has updated its platform to provide self-learning modules for Business Analysts where they could study at their own pace.

You are welcome to choose only modules + projects applicable to what you hoping to learn. Each paid-for module on the platform has project tasks that you can utilize in practicing your document creation skills.

The modules available with practical practice questions are:

- Practice Interview Questions (Free Service)

- JIRA Platform (Paid for service)

- Writing User Stories & Acceptance Criteria (Paid for service)

- BCS Certificate Practical Questions (Free Service)

- Requirement Re-engineering Documentation (Paid for service)

- Process Flow Diagram Practice Documentation (Paid for service)

- Requirement Planning Practical (Paid for service)

- Scope of Work Document Creation Practice (Paid for service)

- BA Project Jargons (Free Service)

To find out more about each module and how we can help, visit:

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